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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 18, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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profession been hearing from a police force that are placed on that. they suspect nmap. more on this story we spoke earlier with our guests again some cat. counterterrorism consultants adds that the modern security consulting group. well are considering that they know you have many attacks are occurriring witn the other team all attend our frame. i include and and so does the. d. accidents. to call it this way on on wednesday evening. that complicates and investigationn you furthermore i think if they appear to have made significant progress. i think they are. obviously they they know a lot more than they let on which is. perfect at this point in time well we'll just.
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suits is. south far in just sarah how why are. where do you? yeah this is a very international attacked the victims are of more than three dozen nationalities that how much help. have spanish authorities gotten from other countries in their investigation. it's likely to have received a lot of help the problem with something like this is that sometimes when you have too many hats coming together. i creates a lot more confusion than does efficiency so i i think. they're they're very to the spanish authoritieses are vy hahappy foror any input than be provided by by allies but.t. they still try to have. no true lovee too run their o n show i i think that's s ther main priority to make sure that. to avoid a any typypef information that could create o only more confusion for this very demanding destination. and doing know yet exactly how many people were involved. no i obviouslyly there's moe arrests. it seems that every year for five hours. well we can go on not disappointing timeses that t
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least a dozen peterer doesnt people more involved. probably more i it's it's there obviously would do the types of cell like this appears to be a cell. i it could extensively even know maybe. twoo dozozen pe. this would be the standard based on other attacks this is how for reform reaching could be but it's real difficult to sasay withoutut being privy to to the inside of the organ and the investigation. among the dead and injured and lots from blossom three dozen nationalities were represented further testament to the popularity of the area victims came from spain. pakistan the netherlands mauritania australia china and even venezuela. but france appears to have the most citizens among the injured. as luke schrager reports. over a dozen dead and a hundred and twenty six wounded twenty eight of them french. barcelona's a major tourist destination for neighboring french holiday makers and many are determined not to give into
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tara. we will not see. we will crown vic. little change in our house so wherever you go there are risks. the focal he liked it too because you have to live despite everything touch wood i hope not but it can happen everywhere. the most kinds of food and some it can happen in the streets. you can do anything now would be a victory for them. i think everyone thinks the same thing. also unleashing. such displays of defiance in the face of horror have proven coleman. influence and support to particularly from france. it's set up a crisis center in paris and dispatched psychological support teams to help victims and their families. that indicated the nation stood cheek by jowl with its ally this bang eight to spain was of course the first country to react in support of france when we were the victims of the first attacks. including by helping us militarily in several theaters of operations. that solidarity existence
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did exist. solidarity the watch word of the day even as sadness over yet another attack to hit europe in june as. from the moment the white fans exact its way down the pedestrian boulevard leaving victims lying on the pavement. residence opened their doors and took care of the injured while ambulances arrived the trigger has mor. in this barcelona hospital cues out the door no for those in need of treatment bubut for people seeking to help her after a call by spanish emergency services for extra blood. tourists local residents. numbers are up by thirty percent of people action no matter what their background. is french engineers only been president in the city a few months. elizabeth arnold of what's going on. nothing anyone can. i'm being french. being in here and being it doesn't. they're not gonna put what happened in barcelona is hard. painful
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and there are people in need of blood. so it's a good thing to be here to help them. racism. this is a necessity it could have been me who died yeah but this. medical stuff of being overwhelmed at the display of solidarity at least three hundred people on thursday evening alone. or see me out of it look i've got goose bumps. where as soon as people found out in less than an hour there were already lots of people here? it's good that they saw what was going on. nnamdi want to load on the streets of the city in the wake of the attack. taxi driver switched off a faq counters. and effort to help out those in need just completed this month often with moderately. and also my colleagues work for free they were trying to get people around who stuck. it out because i look out i. don even simple gestures merited such as a kind word or smile. and needs to demonstrate that spain is anything but divided. moving on now in in finland a stabbing attack has left
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two people dead at least another eight people are in hospital. some in critical condition after the attack that took place in the streets of the southern city of t turku. west. thinking the capital face police say the motives of the attack a remain unclear but the perpetrator was shot in the thigh by police. and later detained and the motives that the security however has been reinforced nationwide with additional patrols and surveillance here's the finish interior minister. speaking earlier. olin method man unfortunately we can't give many details at this time. we come confound the identity of the perpetrator. we have a lot of people working on the case and the investigation is continuing. the security intelligence service is investigating this money's on any registers. we also contacted the immigration office to see if they have a record of him. as i said from now. anything at.
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there are some. he was one of the most reviled man in the white house this friday is chief strategist the van and last day. decision that was announced by the white house spokeswoman the call is reported to have come after consultation between chief staff john kelly. and banning himself ban is a far right nationalist and former head of bright part dot com a new site known for articles that targets women. and jews for more on the story i spoke to our white house correspondent phillip crowd there earlilier he tod us why this is happening no. you know there is not one exact reason as to why steve ban is leaving today in fact there is. this there are still different versions sir alex as to whether steve bannon actually resigns that is something that he is trying to get across right now that he actually resigned over a week ago. all that he was fired by the u. s. president that's the most likely outcome that this was of course the decision. by the u. s. president donald trumpmp there are a w
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reasons why steve ban and. is gone today festival steve band and that took a lot of the spotlight away from donald trump at times that was one. very famous time magazine cover for example that said on trump didn't like at all. might seem like a trivial reason but is an important one in this trump white house then there is mainly one interview that steve band and gave a few days ago. to a left wing websites in which he clearly contradicted points of view all of u. s. president donald trump and actually admitted. that the u. s. didn't really have a clear military option now for north korea at the exact same time that exactly that's what was being discussed. then there is another reason and the official statement from the white house comes from press secretary sat sarah huckabee sanders. and she says that this was a decision that was taken by sting abandon together with chief of staf.
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kelly and he is somebody who came in relatively recently and that might be wanting to clean up things in the white house. and remember that sir steve stop the press secretf the national security adviser the deputy national security adviser they have all gone and it now includes the chief strategist steve bana. know what kind of changes that can we expect with bannon's departure. probably ought not all too many what we have discovered over the last week. most notably with what's donald trump said about charlottesville in which she seemed to equate a beat white nationalists who were protesting that. to counter protest as that is something that came from donald trump himself steve bands influence had already waned. within the white house and so we now know how donald trump speaks we now know
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what he stands for that probably. won't stop there was steve bannon is given a very very big role. in modeling donald trump if you will in giving him. these nationalist views that donald trump espoused on the campaign trail those are very much steve bannon views. but more than anything what will see going forward as an in a circle around donald trump that has changed dramatically maybe there will be less in fighting now. but when it goes when it when we discuss the disk the actuall direction of this white house. very little will chanange donald trump's pois of view on many things are now firmly established frons already been written. about his influence on the
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campaign this is somebody who works disappear anytime soon of from the at national stage here in the united states. i heavy toll sierra leone has buried four hundred sixty one victims in the mud slide this week a natural catastrophe that swept away homes and just outside the capital freetown. one hundred fifty six children. are among the dead. according to the red cross this friday hundreds more people are still missing. the search continues to find courses buried in the mud flows well we will have. nnamdi to. small black water. a baby in her arms. they've survived monday's deadly landslide in the outskirts of freetown. but are now desperately searching for missing relatives. i still haven't found my husband. i went to see all the hospitals but i can find hi. my mother wants to take me to a village for safety. right now i'm just confused. i don't know what to do nnova.
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sierra leone is one of poorest countries in the world and relies heavily on foreign aid. ngos are helping to coordinate relief efforts. well chinese companies onn the groround provide much needed manpower and donations. still emergency services are overwhelmed and the aid isn't quite reaching everyone. know that. i have nothing left i'm alone with my children i'm displaced and so far i haven't received any assistance. on friday president on his bike rumor attended funeral ceremonies for the victim. accompanied by ellen johnson sirleaf the leader of neighboring liberia. we will continue to stand. well you. and share with you. will grieve. and hell. those of you as a drama series. i'm encouraged. and in the process. we all agreed to it. even with this d difficulty.
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zero you. when her eyes again. the landslide his left around four hundred dead. at that number is likely to rise as six hundred people are still reported missing. more than sixteen million people have been affected by a massive my massive flooding in south asia that's according to aid workers and officials. heavy monsoon rains in nepal bangladesh and india have left more than three hundred forty three people dead. relief efforts are being hampered by damaged roads leaving the population at risk for severe food shortages and water borne diseases like cholera. according to india's meteorological department more rain is expected in the region in the coming days. for germany's foreign minister is an unprecedented act of interference turkey's president branch of type and one is called the turkish diaspora they're not to vote
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for angle americal specifically. he told them not to cast their ballot next month for the two parties in the chancellor's ruling grand coalition. the christian democratic union the social democratic party or even the greens. tensions have grown between the two countries in recent months and president aired on. made his position clear. world. now it's time for our business update and brian quinn is back on sets welcome back brian how we're starting with those a deadly terror attacks in spain attacks that hit directly at one of spain's most fundamental sectors which i. tourism it's very barcelona and the seasiders and of calm prevails and both extremely popular tourist destinations. and in fact tourism is a vital economic engine for spain. in twenty sixteen more than seventy five million people visited the country making it the third most popular nation for tourism in the world. the travel and leisure industry generated nearly a hundred sixty billion euros for spain last year that accounting for fourteen
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percent of gross domestic product. and despite a recent backlash by spanish citizens against a perceived flood of mass tourism in barcelona in other location. a full ten percent of the jobs in spain are in the tourism sector. and that's crucial to keeping the country on track as it emerges from a recent financial crisis. spain's recent tourism success has been attributed in part to its relative calm as attacks struck neighboring european countries. as well as middle eastern destinations like turkey and egypt. you're in france tourism fell dramatically after terror attacks in paris a niece in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen. prince tourism industry has only recently started to recover. yeah. well fears over the economic fallout of thursday's attacks certainly touching the markets in friday trading. major european indexes closing in the red with travel companies leading the way down ryanair losing over two percent carnival cruise line wasn't over one percent. that contributed to a nearly one percent drop in london's footsie one hundred the cat colonel here in paris and
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madrid ibex both turn around six tenths of a percent. u. s. markets rebounding from earlier losses friday on news that steve bennett is out the senior trump administration adviser. with reports that traders on the floor of the new york stock exchange and literally cheered when the news broke. wall street clearly relieved as banners departure makes it more likely the chief economic adviser gary cohn. we staying in his job the dow clawing its way back after morning drop. sb five hundred and nasdaq both just barely in positive territor. abandon as former chief of breitbart news a major patron of the so called alt rate in america. now an increasing number of internet and tech companies are taking steps to kick racist or far right nationalist groups. sometimes associated with the movement off of their services. online online giants like google and facebook have long tried to remain politically neutral and avoid responsibility for user created content. but that's changing in the wake of last weekend's deadly violence at far right rallies in charlottesville virginia. that's raising
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concerns among free speech advocates about what the industry's role should be. trust party reports. nnova wake of violent white nationalist protested a grammy in the u. s. states virginia big tank companies have decided to act. on to the killing of an anti racism process the far right website the daily stillman was take. and by web hosting company go daddy. and refuse the new domain by google. of its at companies like twitter clown fly dropped any association with the site. paypal amounts to count visa an apple also took action to stop hate groups receiving money through their service. meanwhile music streaming john spotify pulled over thirty pounds from its service that they deemed hate poundnds. and creates a plane is labeled patrons at passion. per u. s. songs they deemed acceptable. nakedly political acts and somewhat worried about implications for free speech in the u. s. as in trying by the first amendment of the u. s. constitution. the electronic frontier foundation warmth such
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actions were dangerous. but others disagree saying it should be the role of governments not companies to ensure free speech. the governrnment willl p prt even those noxious voices that's what the first members dancece for but companies don't have to. companies can say this goes too far and we're not going to serve. the first amendment allows any speech as long as it doesn't threaten a so called clear and present danger. hate speech knows a tougher elsewhere holocaust denial for example is illegal in sixteen european countries. well to syria now where the annual damascus international fair has gotten underway after five years of suspension during the country's devastating civil war. companies from countries like egypt venezuela indonesia and north korea taking part in the exposition. with the largest contingent of thirty firms coming from assad regime's foremost ally iran. the country's economy has been crippled by six years of war with the world bank estimating that syria has lost around two hundred
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twenty six billion dollars. that's four times its yearly total economic output since fighting began. syria remains under wide ranging sanctions enacted by the european union and the u. s. something the assad regime made sure to point out is the fair kicked off. i have the you know monica this is one of the battles which is an economic battle. it's a battle against the sanctions in the european economic siege. alert me cool western countries that have imposed a scene just to note that the siege is not legal or moral. because it harms people up on that we have an activity we're seeing now with the participation of a big number of companies and countries. it means the beginning of a syrian economic rise tiny midday nobody saw the so. let's take a look it's more of today's top business headlines. c. e. o. indian tech giant infosys has resigned in a lengthy resignation letter michelle seek a complplaintf quote fox baseless and malicious attacks against him personally. following intense criticism by the company's founders to go was
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appointed in twenty fourteen
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democracy now! >> president trump is an accomplice to terrorism after his pathetic reaction to charlottesville, kkk, neo-nazis jump up and down with joy. if that is not being in a conference to terrorism, i don't know what it is. amy: steven goldstein, executive director of the anne frank center for mutual respec,t is calling on twitter to suspend president trump's personal account as trump conontinues to face outrage over his response to last weekend's deadly white


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